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Pet Proof your Home

You have decided to add a pet to the family! Before you bring the little guy home to your Danville home you need to make sure your Bay Area home is pet proofed! Just like when you have to baby proof your Danville home, you have to pet proof it to make sure that the...

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Best Colors to be Painting Your Home Walls

Has the wall of your Bay Area home become a collage of sample paint color templates cut and pasted? Don’t worry, we have all been there. There are so many choices when you go to pick paint these days that it makes the process more complicated than ever.  What you have...

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How to Buy a Home

Buying a Bay Area home seems out of reach so many Millennials, or so they think. Many are used to hearing that you need 20 % down in order to buy a home and with the rising rent rates in the Bay Area it is nearly impossible to save 20% to buy that Danville home. This...

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