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Mortgage Industry Consolidation

When an industry shifts, we often see a move towards consolidation. In 2018, the mortgage industry is moving towards consolidation. This happened in the last great recession when mortgage companies were dying and had lost volume. The big one back then was Countrywide...

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How Do I Know Where Mortgage Rates are Heading?

How Do I Know Where Mortgage Rates are Heading?

The Mystery of Mortgage Rates Mortgage interest rates are a big mystery to most people.  Putting aside the obvious influence of your credit score, what drives the baseline mortgage rates up or down?  In order to understand this,you need to know what Mortgage Backed...

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Final 2017 Tax Law Agreement

As we’ve all waited several weeks to hear of the final version of the massive tax law changes, Congress has finally come to an agreement. As it relates to the real estate industry, the biggest impact is that the mortgage interest tax deduction will exist up to...

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Low Interest Rates

While many people have bought homes over the past several years, a lot more families are still not finding the right home or are working out credit issues. A common question I get is how long interest rates are going to stay low. Many thought that rates would start...

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