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Karen’s Weekend Picks: 12/1-12/3

Bay Area Weekend Picks for 12/1-12/3: This holiday season is here and no matter what your religion or background, you can’t resist the overall joy most people feel this time of year. A great activity this weekend is the annual holiday parade in Pleasanton. This is two...

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Thanksgiving Weekend 2017

This weekend is America’s original holiday, Thanksgiving. This is an opportunity for being thankful, spending time with family, and shopping. If you love getting a deal then Black Friday is the day for you! One great way to find the deals this Black Friday is at...

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California FHA Loans

What is a FHA Loan? An FHA loan is a home loan that is insured by the Federal Housing Administration. That means the bank's loans are guaranteed, so if you don’t pay the bank will still get paid. Banks more willing to give out these loans than ones with out FHA...

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Why Choose A Mortgage Broker Over a Bank?

Why Choose A Mortgage Broker Over a Bank?

If you're looking to finance a new home, you may find the process rather confusing. One of the first decisions to make is where you'll get the financing. There are many different avenues for seeking financing. The person dedicated to helping you weigh your choices and...

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Karen’s Weekend Picks: 11/10-11/12

I hope everyone had a great week and is looking forward to the weekend! This will likely be the last calm weekend for many of us before the craziness of the holidays takes over. I usually recommend taking things easy and maybe doing a hike. It is another National...

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Karen’s Weekend Picks: 11/3-5/2017

While I will give you a couple of weekend ideas, I want to first remind you that Daylight Savings is ending this weekend so please put your clocks back by 1 hour on Sunday morning! Do you bank with Bank of America? This is free museum weekend for Bank of America...

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