When it rains it can pour! The last thing you want to happen is for your Blackhawk home to get a roof leak. Your Bay Area home roof is something that you might forget about when it comes to home maintenance and upkeep. This can be a costly and destructive repair.  Stop relying on buckets to protect your home when a heavy storm hits. Take the time to understand what may be causing a leak and where to look for it in your Blackhawk home.

Identifying Your Roof

Identifying the type of roof may sound like an obvious step but it is not for all. Not everyone knows off the top of their head what type of roof their Blackhawk home or Danville home has. Start off by what type of roof it is; is it an asphalt shingle roof, slate and tile roof, metal roof, or is made of a different material all together? Identifying your Bay Area home roof will allow you to focus on the proper maintenance needed for that particular product.  Once you have identified the exact style of roof you have should spend the time doing some research on how to maintain that particular style roof.

Time to Look Up

One of the most common causes of a roof leak in Bay Area homes is broken shingles. All too often they can get damaged, cracked, or shift in heavy wind and rain storms. Before calling a roofer out to your Blackhawk home to figure out where the leak is coming from take a walk outside and look up. Broken or missing shingles are easier to spot because you will notice a difference in colors from where the shingle was supposed to be compared to the rest of the shingles.

Have You Checked the Gutters?

A leak in your Bay Area home may not be caused from the roof itself. If you haven’t cleaned out your gutters in a while there could be an immense amount of debris build up blocking the runoff water from rain to flow freely of your Blackhawk roof and drain. If the water does not have a clear path to drain it will stay put and build up over time and in the event of a big storm the extra build up can cause water the extra build up on eater to seep through the roof and leak into your Bay Area home. Clean those gutters out especially before the spring rainy season hits. Spending that extra time on your home could save you thousands in repair damages to your Blackhawk home roof.

Skylight Installation Gone Wrong

A big trend for Bay Area homes right now is having as much natural light as possible. Many Blackhawk home and Danville homeowners are adding skylights to their homes to increase the amount of natural light. This is a great idea so long as they are installed correctly. If you notice wet spots on the floor after a big rain storm has hit your Bay Area home you should immediately get someone out there to figure out where needs extra sealing or if something needs to be fixed with the skylight itself.  Do not wait until it’s too late.

These are just a few of the possible roof leak issues. Make sure you are taking notice of your Blackhawk home or Danville home roof. Your roof is as important as all the other regular maintenance you do on your Bay Area home. Do not take it for granted otherwise you could be stuck with a very big bill!