You have decided that you and your family have outgrown your San Ramon townhouse and want to purchase a single family home in Danville or expand into a Blackhawk estate. Before putting your San Ramon home on the market there are a few items that you need to tackle if you want to maximize the profit and appeal to buyers.

Paint the Walls

Yes, that cherry red accent wall was something you just had to have in your living room. However, when you go to sell your San Ramon home, you will want to paint a more neutral color to match the other walls and soften the look. Neutral colors are much more appealing to potential buyers looking to purchase a home in San Ramon, Danville, Dublin or Alamo. It allows them to better imagine how they would decorate and paint.

Fix Those Creaking Doors & Windows

To you it may be just normal but to potential buyers of your San Ramon home they see it as a problem. Your doors and windows should be able to open and close with ease and without any creaky sounds. It is something that is quick fix and shows a buyer that you have taken good care of your Bay Area home.

Give Your Curb Appeal Some Love

First impressions are everything. It is no different when it comes to a home. Potential San Ramon home buyers want to see a home that has character and this can be achieved through great curb appeal. I am not suggesting you need to overhaul to the entire front side of your house. You could start with simply adding a fresh coat of paint to the front door or adding a planter box to the front patio. These are also good ideas for when you are considering refinancing your San Ramon house or Bay Area home as it could help add value for the appraisal. Before making any changes to the outside, check with your current San Ramon neighborhood homeowners association as they sometimes have rules and regulations regarding the appearance of the homes in the neighborhood.

Give the Bathroom a New Shine

I am not talking a full bathroom remodel. You are just trying to add a freshness and cleanliness to your San Ramon home’s bathroom.  One important item to put on the bathroom list is caulking the tub to give it a fresh clean appearance. If it is an older tub and you can’t get some of the discoloration out then consider glazing the whole tub. If your bathroom is old and in need of a remodel and you are not planning on selling, then you can do a cash out refinance on your San Ramon home and put the funds towards remodeling the bathrooms.

Transform the Lighting

Ask a neighbor or your San Ramon Realtor to come and walk around your home and give their opinion on the lighting. Is it dated? Is it providing enough light in the right places? You want to make sure that your Bay Area home is well lit. It doesn’t have to be an expensive fix. There are plenty of home improvement stores in the Bay Area with an assortment of beautiful but inexpensive lighting fixtures. This is also a great time to consider going green and implementing energy efficient lightbulbs around your San Ramon home.

Before you sell your San Ramon home and purchase another Bay Area home, make sure to also talk to your Danville loan officer so you have all your papers in order along with taking into account these 5 quick fixes that will help you get your house sold for top dollar.