When it comes to living in Alamo, California, Karen Douglas from the Mortgage Genie is a rich source of information for anyone considering a move to the East Bay. Not only is she the local go-to expert when it comes to all the area has to offer, but she can also help you secure the best Alamo home loan. These days, she’s staying busier than ever, so if you’re wondering why people are relocating to Alamo, keep reading.

The Best of Both Worlds

California provides residents with a variety of different lifestyles to choose from, from mountains to beaches, city and suburbs. While far from remote, Alamo does have a more rural feel. This beautiful California enclave has so much to offer families as well as single professionals with busy social lives. If you’re looking to enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle but don’t want to miss out on the big city, you can have the best of both worlds.

Alamo is known for great restaurants as well as exciting local shops, and its many green parks and rolling hills are a special part of the city. There’s something to see and do in Alamo for everyone.

Is Alamo Safe?

Alamo is considered one of the safer places to live in America. When you compare the crime rate in Alamo to other urban centers with the same population size, you’ll find that crime statistics in Alamo are low.

In general, Alamo has preserved the feel of a friendly, country town. People walking down the street still say good morning to each other, and people are welcoming to newcomers. With a population of 15,000 residents, this East Bay city is the perfect size. It’s small enough that residents are warm and caring, but big enough that you still have some privacy. These are important details to keep in mind if you’re considering an Alamo home mortgage for your big move.

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Great Location, Great Town

But how do the local residents describe Alamo? Well, the locals are proud of their town. In an online review, a current resident wrote, “What I like about Alamo, California is that it is a small community, yet has events going on all the time. It is definitely a prime area that many people go to in order to start a family. It is often known to be very safe as well.”

Location is certainly one of the top reasons Alamo is so attractive. After all, it’s only 22 miles from San Francisco. That means you can enjoy a day in the big city without having to travel a long distance. Of course, Alamo is also a fantastic place to live when you’re focused on your career.

Additionally, schools and other public services are excellent as well. Perhaps this is why Alamo, California attracts both the young, and the young at heart.

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Alamo Home Loan

If you’re considering a move to the East Bay and see an Alamo home loan in your future, contact Karen Douglas at The Mortgage Genie. She can answer your questions about the East Bay, and walk you through the process of applying for an Alamo home mortgage.