Parents don’t need high tech devices or the newest gadgets to babyproof their Bay Area homes. Babyproofing a residence revolves around eliminating avoidable accidents and reducing the chances of injury. After purchasing a home in Danville or San Ramon, babyproofing its rooms can be affordable and easily accomplished. Just follow these ingenious steps to make your home baby-friendly.

Secure Cabinets and Cupboards

Lock the cupboards and cabinets in your Alamo home in order to keep a baby safe from common, yet dangerous household products. Medications, cleaning supplies, and detergents are frequently stored in areas that babies can easily access. Babyproof your home by moving these items to a higher location or by placing safety latches on lower level cabinets.

Conceal Sharp Edges

Sharp corners are typical in every home, including your newly purchased San Ramon residence. Side table edges, fireplace corners, and the siding of coffee tables can cause potential harm to exploratory babies. Make sure to soften these edges with foam cushions or corner guards which can easily be found in most stores.

Mount Toilet Locks

Secure the safety of your baby by installing toilet locks in your Bay Area home. Even the shallow water in a toilet bowl can pose a drowning hazard to a baby. A toilet lock keeps the seat in the down position constantly and an adult can easily remove the lock when needed. Toilet locks will help babyproof your home by reducing a baby’s ability to access standing water.

Protect Electrical Outlets

Once you purchase a home in Blackhawk, make sure to babyproof it properly to limit the risk of electrocution. Place plastic covers in open electrical outlets to ensure that your baby’s fingers are kept away from outlets that are not in use. Another more permanent option is to swap out wall plates for sliding outlet covers. These covers will automatically slide into place to entirely cover electrical outlets when they are not being used. They can be installed with common household tools without needing to hire an electrician.

Have A Game Plan for Wires and Cords

Pick up any cords and wires on the ground in your San Ramon house in order to best protect any area. Wrap up and relocate these items to eliminate the risk of strangulation or the risk of pulling down a larger item attached to the wire or cord. Cord windups for blinds will also help to babyproof your Bay Area home by cinching up long cords out of the reach of infants and toddlers.

Secure Large Items in Place

Baby on the way? After purchasing your home in Alamo, make sure that you solidly secure heavy furniture items to the wall. Furniture straps will stop items like dressers, bookcases, and entertainment units from falling over. Mounting brackets and security hangers will also safely ensure that mirrors, paintings, and wall décor remain fastened to your walls.

Babyproofing your home is a multistep process that involves safety considerations and small additions to your home. If you’re looking for some more guidance, hiring a baby proofing consultant is a great place to start. They will help you identify hazards and can recommend practical solutions.