Has the wall of your Bay Area home become a collage of sample paint color templates cut and pasted? Don’t worry, we have all been there. There are so many choices when you go to pick paint these days that it makes the process more complicated than ever.  What you have to keep in mind when you are choosing a paint color is resale. If you believe that there is a chance that you may be moving in the next few years from your Danville home to a larger Bay Area home, then you have to take into consideration what paint is best for resale.  Ask yourself if you are willing to repaint again before you have to sell your home?  If the answer is no, then it would be smart to choose colors that are going to give the first impression that buyers want.  Keep in mind that buying a home is as much a factual decision as an emotional one.  The paint does have an impact on your impression.

Different colors can mean different things to each person.  Not every Bay Area home buyer will share your love for that cobalt blue accent wall. Remember taking your personal style out of your Danville home is key point at resale. Buyers need to see a blank slate that they can turn and create into their own. Now, that doesn’t mean paint every wall in your home white. That is actually one of the biggest mistakes that sellers make when they are getting ready to sell their home.

The best colors for resale of Danville homes are warm neutrals.  You could do a soft buttery yellow, beige, cream, or even a light sage green.  These colors will still give your room character without being over the top. You can add vibrant bright pillows, vases, picture frames, etc. to liven up the room and bring splashes of color to it. This will allow you to still have your design preference without causing the need to repaint the walls at time of your Danville home resale.  There are different colors that can work better for certain rooms in your home.


The office is the only room in your Bay Area home that can be a slightly bolder shade.  Richer colors like a cinnamon or even dark brown can be used. These shades make the space an inviting area to relax and work in.


In the kitchen it is best to stay with colors in the orange, red, and yellow families. However, these colors still need to be on the softer side. It is important to think about the layout of your Danville home kitchen and the color of your cabinets. You want to be sure that you don’t clash with your cabinets by choosing a red when you have Mahogany cabinets. Also, these colors may not work as well if you have an open floor plan style Bay Area home. Be sure to consider the whole layout of your home before rushing to pick a color.


Neutral colors are the best selection for the bedroom. People view the bedroom as a type of escape and sanctuary. Avoid bold colors and patterned wall paper as this can turn Danville home buyers off. Your son may love living in a cave of darkness with all the walls painted black, but you will need to have them repainted a neutral color at the time of resale if you want a successful resale.


The important thing to keep in mind about bathrooms is that everyone wants a light bathroom. People always want it well-lit and bright. Since the bathrooms are one of the smallest rooms in Bay Area homes it is crucial to stay away from dark colors because this will only make the room seem smaller.  A good color pallet for the bathroom is a shade of light yellow or light tans. It is easy to decorate and add color with towels, shower curtains, and wall décor.

Always remember that buying a home has to do with as much about the facts like square footage as it does about the sense of “home” that the place exudes.  Bolder colors limit the attractiveness to many who don’t feel as connected with your unique preferences.