Having your own outdoor kitchen is a luxurious feature that many people dream about in the backyard of their San Ramon home. Beyond the traditional outdoor kitchen, you can still create a makeshift and semi-permanent outdoor kitchen using a few key items and creativity. Having a beautiful outdoor cooking space adds value to your Danville home and can be an amazing entertaining focal feature for your friends and family. Here is a list of simple and accessible ideas that will help you put together a cost-effective outdoor kitchen in the backyard of your Alamo home.

Multi-Burner Propane Grill

No outdoor kitchen in your Bay Area home would be complete without the purchase of a barbeque grill. A multi-burner propane grill will be sure to satisfy all of the outdoor barbequing needs of your Danville home. Make sure that the grill comes complete with folding side shelves for extra preparation space. Another important feature should be an even-heat up system to help cook different types of food at an even rate and pace. Consider purchasing a colored grill to make a statement in your Bay Area backyard.

Pizza Oven

Pizza is a delicious appetizer or main course that both children and adults universally love. Your San Ramon home should feature a backyard with a pizza oven to compliment the outdoor kitchen setup. A pizza oven is meant to help mimic a brick oven while still being portable enough to move around your outdoor space. It’s the perfect choice to add to your Danville backyard if you and your family love to entertain.

Gas Smoker

A gas smoker is a unique addition that you can add to the outdoor kitchen of your Bay Area home. A gas smoker is less commonly used than a grill and is perfect for adding smoky and roasted flavors to your outdoor picnics and meals. From meat-eaters to vegetarians, you’ll still love this tool in addition to the grill in your Danville home. You can easily smoke fish, meats and veggies. Smoke up some interesting appetizers like chicken wings or a main course like beer can chicken. People will be flocking to the interesting flavors produced by this piece in your outdoor Bay Area backyard.

Decorative Drink Dispenser

No gathering at your Danville home would be complete without a variety of decorative drink dispensers located in the outdoor backyard. Large, sturdy drink dispensers can hold a big batch of fresh lemonade, fruit water, or yummy prepared cocktails for the adults. Glass drink dispensers allow you to add a natural pop of color to your gathering as guests gaze at the multicolor assortment of beverages you have to offer. Drink dispensers also cut down on waste since guests reuse their glasses to sample a variety of beverages. Bringing drink dispensers into your Bay Area home will make sure an outdoor party is a beautiful experience.

Making small additions to a backyard can create a makeshift outdoor kitchen that will add style and appeal to your Bay Area home. Such budget-friendly additions are easily added with the savings from a Bay Area home refinance. Make your backyard kitchen the talk of the town and increase the value of your San Ramon home by incorporating these elements at your next summer cookout.