Do you know where your pet’s hairbrush is when you need it most? Probably not because if you’re like most pet owners, you have pet things scattered across the house. Organizing your fur-baby’s supplies doesn’t have to be complicated. You can easily create a stylish and appealing way to organize Fido’s things and find them quickly.

First, you’ll want to get all of the supplies and place them in one place before finding designated spots for them. This way, you have inventory of it all and can what you’re working with. Sorth them by subject (grooming, walking, litter box stuff, etc). Throw away things you don’t need or that are old and worn.

Get A Pet Toy Box

If kids can have toy boxes, your pooch or kitty can have one, too! Just get a big enough basket or open box and put it somewhere your pet can pull toys out on their own. This way toys are confined to just one place that complements the rest of your home’s décor. Unless you can teach your pet to clean up after itself, you’ll have to put the toys back away after play yourself, though.

Dedicate A Drawer To Odds & Ends

Toys aren’t the only things your pet needs. You may have catnip, flea treatments, treats, poop bags or litter box liners, and more. Find a drawer, shelf, or storage box just for these things. Just make sure it looks good and is big enough to hold it all.

Use A Portable Caddy For Pet Grooming Supplies

Use a portable caddy to store all of your pet’s grooming products and store them out of sight. A handled caddy designed for cleaning supplies can be perfect. This way, you can easily grab the caddy and take it with your anywhere you plan on clipping nails, brushing fur, or washing a hound dog.

Make a Walk-Station By The Door

Use a wall-mounted set of hooks next to the door you leave through for walks. Hang leashes, collars, flashlights or headlamps, a set of keys, whatever you might need on a walk. All in one place, these items will be super easy to access, and can look very slick if your items happen to coordinate.