This will be the year for some substantial changes within the Danville and San Ramon retail landscape.  Each city is going through some seismic adjustment to their retail scene.

First, San Ramon is anticipating opening its major shopping center, City Center in the Fall of 2018.  San Ramon home buyers and Danville home owners will be within a short distance away from this multi-use facility located off of Bollinger Canyon Road.

City Center will be 300,000 square feet when it is completed and shall be located on the southern side of Bishop Ranch.  It is being designed by a renowned architect and shall take on a lifestyle mall environment, which means it shall feel like you are walking along streets while shopping.  Even though leasing is still ongoing, they are anticipating a luxury movie theater, several restaurants, and numerous retail stores.

As you know, people looking to buy a home find convenience and walkability to be key factors in their purchasing decisions. City Center aims to address both of these.

While San Ramon moves towards this big shopping center, Danville is going through a different shift as their retail landscape is facing challenges.  They are seeing the completion of the Walnut Creek mall remodeling and the coming of City Center. Several retailers have also expressed concern about the changing dynamics of the online world.

The City of Danville and the Danville Area Chamber of Commerce have taken steps to address some of this through some incentives.

  1. Marketing Incentive: They have made grants available to businesses that require marketing consultation or promotion.
  2. Facility Improvements: Should your building need façade improvements, the City and Chamber have provided grants for businesses within the Downtown Core to make such improvements.
  3. Zoning Changes: The City has recognized the need to create appeal for families and individuals to come engage with retailers.  Thus, they are allowing for some zoning changes to encourage businesses to make improvements to the consumer’s experience.

Whether you are buying a home in Danville or a house in San Ramon, these communities will see their retail see change quite a bit over the next 12 months. If you’d like to schedule a time to discuss these, feel free to contact me, your Mortgage Genie, making each family’s home dream come true one wish at a time.