When moving into your new Bay Area home, you will surely come face-to-face with blank walls and a lack of furniture because after you buy a home, you usually start with a blank slate. Decorating rooms after buying a home can be a large task filled with many decisions. From paint, to furniture, to accessories, it is crucial that your decisions create a home that looks polished and put-together. Here is the perfect formula for accessorizing a blank room or redecorating a room that needs updating in your San Ramon home. Make sure to follow these steps for a look that wows.

Get Acquainted with Pinterest

Start with a Pinterest board for any room that needs decorating in your Alamo house and pin example pictures that interest you. Use the pins on your board to analyze and define your style. Ask yourself about the commonalities you see in each pin, what recurring colors there may be, and what type of furniture you gravitate to. Use your Pinterest pictures as a springboard to jumpstart the design concepts you will employ after purchasing a Bay Area home.

Focus On “Feel” Words

How do you want a particular room in your Danville home to feel? Make sure to come up with a few buzzwords that describe the mood of the room when you walk in. This is a very practical approach to giving any room an identity. Consider which room descriptions appeal to you most. From moody and cozy, bright and airy, soft and relaxing, to bold and vibrant, there is no shortage of design schemes that a room can take on. Be committed to your buzzwords in order to make sure that you achieve the room of your dreams in your San Ramon home.

Set Your Color Palette by Selecting Your “Lead”

In order to perfectly accentuate a room after purchasing a home, search for one piece that will go in your new room to anchor the entire color scheme. This “lead piece” can be a pillow, fabric, a rug, art, or curtains that will be the most colorful item in the room. Make all of your decisions around this item by decorating to compliment its colors. Select paint, furniture colors, and wall accents that play off the centerpiece and support your “feel” words. This is a sure-fire way to nail the look of your Bay Area room.

Play with Patterns

When decorating your Alamo home, pay close attention to the pattern of your “lead piece”. If it’s a large-scale pattern then the other items in the room should be in a smaller scale, and vice versa. The important point is not to fill your room with conflicting or overwhelming patterns that fight for attention. There should be a balance between solid, geometric, and swoopy or organic patterns to ensure that the room has a sense of balance. For instance, if your centerpiece is large-scale floral, choose a bold stripe and smaller-scale geometric patterns to spread across the room. This will guarantee that the room patterns from your San Ramon home purchase will blend perfectly together.