As you start your house hunt in the Bay Area, traditional home-buying methods like open houses are very important. In areas like Danville, even a weekday morning open house can draw a crowd. Follow these tips on how to conquer an open house in San Ramon and come out with an accepted offer in hand.

  1. Request a private home tour before the open house

Private showings are good for Bay Area buyers who want to take their time and inspect a property thoroughly. Request that your agent make an appointment before crowds of other buyers get access. To capitalize on your private showing, be sure to make a compelling offer on the home. That way, the seller will compare all other offers against your benchmark.

  1. Get friendly with the seller’s agent

When you are truly interested in a Danville property, use your time on-site to create a sincere rapport with the seller’s agent. This could give you an edge in scoring the home. Real estate is about relationships and building rapport with the agent will allow you to learn more about the sellers — for example, their ideal closing date and ideal buyer.

  1. Get to the open house first

To gather those all-important insights and establish rapport with the listing agent, get to Bay Area open houses first. You will get some face time and a chance to make a good impression. Arriving promptly is a great way to show that you’re serious about a home.

  1. Take advantage of open houses on weekdays

When you’re interested in a Danville property, attending the open house — especially if it’s midday or during happy hour on a workday — can give you even more important clues. If you can use your lunch break to tour a home before everyone else gets to see it on the weekend, it certainly could give you an advantage. Even a head start of a day or two before a weekend open house can give you a chance to get your offer in before the crowds have even seen it.

  1. Explore the neighborhood around the home

Since you’re not just buying a home — you’re buying a Bay Area neighborhood too — you should plan to explore the surroundings as well. Plan a drive-by on a weekday morning or evening. Visit the home during rush hour or drive there from your office to find out what the commute is really like. Take in the neighborhood vides during the evening to determine whether Danville is the right community for you to buy a home.

Remember to use these methods in order to attain a Danville home loan for the residence of your dreams. Your Bay Area mortgage broker can also be an excellent source for inside information concerning open houses in San Ramon. Acing the open house is a surefire way to be first in line for purchasing a home of your dreams.