Buying a home in Danville and making it your castle is an important part of giving your house character and making it stand out. Is your Bay Area home in need of some minor updates that can take it to the next level in luxury?  It is easily possible to make your Bay Area house feel like a chateau by incorporating these innovative and simple design tricks into your living spaces. There are many budget savvy ways to bring the wow-factor into your Danville home. Here is how to get started:

Soften Hard Surfaces

Large areas of hard surfaces in your Bay Area home can look bare and give off the illusion of unused and underdeveloped space. Soften these areas, such as hardwood floors and long countertops, with materials that will provide color and contrast to the location. An area rug across wood floors or organic wall coverings, like grass cloth or wool, are great ways to polish the overall look and feel of a Danville home. Consider adding textured runners to tables and countertop decorations in groups of three to maximize these long spaces. Softening hard surfaces will give you home a luxe appeal and add eye-catching elements to your living areas.

Jazz Up the Powder Room

Making creative use of the powder room is another great, affordable way to add a unique touch to Bay Area homes. Common area bathrooms are rooms that guests certainly see, so it is important to make these rooms focal points in your Danville home. Replace the basic bathroom mirror with a decoratively framed one that stands out. Add texture to the rugs, cloths, and curtains in the bathroom to increase the sense of dimension in this area. Make sure to bring in furniture, fixtures, or items that provide small pops of color to create an element of simple elegance to the area. Making these small and affordable updates to the powder room will make it feel on par with other larger rooms in your Danville home.

Treat Light Fixtures Like Art

Lighting can be a fun and creative way to enhance any space when you buy a home. When buying a house, remember that light fixtures can be treated like pieces of art. Chandeliers that are spiraled, double-tired, or take their inspiration from nature are extremely fashionable and increasingly affordable. Adding a unique chandelier can make a statement in any area. It is also possible to lighten up unusual spaces, such as alcoves and recessed areas, with a wash of color. Changeable, colored LED lights are inexpensive and energy efficient and can shine beautiful hues above kitchen cabinets and onto backsplashes. Additionally, battery powered faux-candles can be set to daily timers to add a fluttering and romantic element of light to bookcases and shelves in your Bay Area home in the evening.

Dress the Bed

An excellent way to make your Danville home feel more luxurious is by adding accent pieces to the bed and surrounding area. Compliment the colors of your bedding by adding a soft and comfortable throw blanket to the base of the bed. Jazz up your bed by bringing in varying shaped accent pillows. Consider incorporating a cushioned and welted seating area so others can be invited to sit in your beautiful Danville bedroom.