Just like home interiors, landscape motifs and trends change with the times. Luckily, your Bay Area house can be easily styled just as perfectly on the outside as it is inside. Look to the yard, patio, and front porch as an outdoor canvas to enhance the character of your Danville home. Here is an inside look into the trends what will beautifully shape your lawn, garden, and outdoor spaces this summer.

Estate Style Scales Down

The popularity of living in the Bay Area means that houses often have smaller lots sizes to make room for other residences. As such, there isn’t any reason that you need acres of backyard to showcase hedges and climbing vines. Smaller, compact versions of popular shrubs and trees make this regal look attainable for San Ramon condos or houses with smaller backyards. There are many scaled-down versions of plants currently available. Potted shrubs, ivied corner lattice work, and herbaceous borders will maximize the estate style of your modern-sized Bay Area backyard.  These beautifully landscapes houses are the preferred ones that a family looks for when buying a home.

Gardens Go Modern

Gardens are experiencing a revitalization as Alamo homeowners explore planting trendy, less traditional plants. When selecting plants for a modern garden keep the concept of simplicity in mind. The first rule to remember is that modern gardens should have a simplified plant palette – stick mainly to shades and hues of green. An occasional container with a colorful plant is a nice touch, but be sure to limit this. The second rule to follow is that plants should be planted in straight lines. This will add to the sense of order within the garden. The third rule is that plants should be grouped in odd numbers, preferably threes or fives. If you want to do a mass planting of one type of plant try planting them in a grid pattern.

Design a Cozy Outdoor Environment

Create an atmosphere of comfort in the backyard of your Bay Area house by adding pleasing and soothing elements to the area. Enhance the lighting in your backyard by stringing lights across a fence or pergola, by adding path lights next to statement plants to create color and texture, or by placing lights high in trees to mimic the effect of real moonlight. Other additions to your Danville backyard could include a bubbling fountain that sets its own soundscape or an inviting seating area to hold conversations or read books. Beyond living plants, the outdoor environment of your Bay Area home can be made cozier using man-made features.

Sustainability is Key

A gorgeous yard can be both for a homeowner’s enjoyment and the environment’s benefit. Many homeowners are gravitating towards incorporating plants in their yards that are attractive to pollinators, like bees and birds. To make the garden of your Bay Area home more sustainable, bring in indigenous plants that naturally occur in the local area. Pollinators will automatically seek out these types of plants and your backyard will make a thriving contribution to the ecosystem. Conserving water is another trend hitting many yards of Danville homes. Investing in a smart irrigation system, which waters based upon weather patterns and plant types, is an increasingly popular and responsible move.

These hot landscaping trends will take your backyard from traditional to up-to-the-minute quickly this summer. Making changes to the plants and decorations in your backyard will result in a beautiful and unique outdoor space that will add to the character of your home and if you decide to sell your home, it will attract more individuals who want to buy your home.