Whether you have just purchased a new Danville home or are looking to give your Bay Area home bathroom a facelift there are a few things to keep in mind. If you are thinking of selling your Bay Area home, giving the bathroom a makeover can be one of the best ways to increase the resale value of your Danville home.  Before you start tearing down walls and knocking out sinks of your Danville home it is important to have a plan and be aware of the key attributes Bay Area home buyers look for in a bathroom.  Whether your buying a home or selling a house, these factors should be considered with regards to remodeling:

  • Bring it up to code. It is important to check with your City like Danville or San Ramon, to make sure that your bathroom is up to code. If it isn’t then it can cause major problems when it comes time to resale. You can find out your Bay Area city’s building codes by logging onto their website or downloading the requirements.
  • Create ample light. An attribute that every Bay Area home buyer wants is a bright and well-lit bathroom. It is important to pick fixtures that will illuminate the room well. If you have the funds you could even consider putting in a sky light or adding a larger window.
  • Radiant flooring. Something that seems to resonate with Danville home and Blackhawk home buyers is having heated floors. The heating system not only keeps your floors warm on cold mornings, but it will accelerate drying and therefore, reduce the risk of slips and falls.
  • Stain-resistant grout. Cleaning a bathroom is one of the most undesirable chores. To help cut down the need for extraneous cleaning of your Bay Area home consider using stain-resistant grout. It does cost slightly more than normal grout but it cuts down on the amount of cleaning necessary.
  • Consider a pedestal sink instead of a bulky vanity. If you are considering remodeling the half-bath then you should think about converting the large sink vanity to a pedestal style sink. Since these Danville home half-bathrooms are usually such a small area, incorporating a pedestal into the design instead of a large vanity can make the room appear larger and more elegant.
  • Update bathroom accessories. An easy way to transform your Danville home or Blackhawk home bathroom is to update and replace all accessories such as towel bars, hooks, toilet paper holders, etc. These simple changes can help reface your bathroom and create the clean elegant look buyers gravitate too.
  • Framed mirrors. Framed mirrors present a design component to your Bay Area home bathroom. Instead of the dated wall to wall mirror, a framed mirror can transform a bathroom. You can match the profile of the mirror frame with the moldings to create a coordinated look.
  • Consider the popular features. Today’s Bay Area new model homes are great places to find what is new and updated. Currently some the most popular attributes of a bathroom are: double sinks, decorative glass and stone tile, better lighting, extra wide wall tiles, and heated floors.

Bathrooms are second to the kitchen on people’s wish lists of rooms to remodel.  So if you are looking for new ways to potentially increase the value of your Danville home or Bay Area home then consider a bathroom remodel. Don’t forget it is important to not only design a bathroom that fits your style but will also a family looking to buy a home at the time of resale.