Making small and attainable changes to the décor of your Bay Area home can revamp the style of your home quickly. Simple alterations that can be completed in a weekend will make a huge difference on a small budget. From painting the front door to framing art, these modifications can have a surprisingly major effect on your Danville house, for the better.

Relocate Your Art

Art can be overlooked when it has resided in the same spot for years. Reposition the art in your San Ramon home and bring attention to its beauty and appeal once again. Try different combinations of artwork in various locations to compliment the colors and available wall space in the rooms of your Bay Area residence. Lacking art pieces? Taking the opportunity to hang a collection of framed pictures will create the feel of a larger piece of wall art.

Get New Pillow Covers

New pillowcases can have a huge impact on the interior space of your Alamo house. Swap out matching covers for contrasting colors and patterns to achieve a more modern and trendy look. Depending on the mood that you want to achieve, pastels and neutrals will lend a calm feel to the area while bright patterns will bring out a vibrant feel. This small and inexpensive change will give your room a new sense of identity and enliven your senses.

String Up Some Indoor Plants

When you buy a home, bring nature inside your Bay Area house by exercising your green thumb. Indoor plants can give a more natural feel to any area in your home and provide an overall sense of serenity. Place small potted plants in macramé hangers and attach the hangers to rafters, ceilings, or walls. Small plants that are ideal for hanging include spider plant, English ivy, succulents, and rubber tree. Indoor plants purify air, are good for your health, and can help you reconnect with nature in any room.

Freshen Up Your Front Door

Take the front door of your Danville house from drab to fab by painting it an inviting and exciting new color. Even the most inexperienced painter can easily make the exterior of their home stand out from all others on the street. It is as easy as choosing a paint color, removing door hardware, sanding the door, applying primer, and painting! This is a surefire way to enhance the curb appeal of your Bay Area home and command the attention of future visitors.

Paint Old Furniture

Turn a tired and muted chest of drawers, desk, or cabinet into a sensational new focal point in any room of your Alamo house. This is a cost-effective makeover that will give you the new furniture feel without the new furniture price. All you need is a beautiful color paint, flooring cover, and brushes or rollers in order to make an older piece furniture a statement piece in your house.

These affordable home upgrades will bring new energy to your Bay Area residence. Mini home makeovers are a fantastic and inexpensive ways to achieve several new looks throughout your living spaces.