When an industry shifts, we often see a move towards consolidation. In 2018, the mortgage industry is moving towards consolidation. This happened in the last great recession when mortgage companies were dying and had lost volume. The big one back then was Countrywide being bought by Bank of America. This time we are likely going to see mortgage companies losing refinance volume. Don’t get me wrong, interest rates are still staying relatively low. However, many individuals who recently sought a refinance have already done it, Now the volume of refinances is dropping. We’rre anticipating both local and national mortgage companies to merge with other entities to save costs and keep volume up. As a home buyer, you cannot do much to prevent this but I’d recommend working with a reputable mortgage broker who has been in industry for a long time. They can help navigate you through this transition and ensure stability during such times. I’m Karen, your Mortgage Genie, helping you find the home of your dreams.