One of the greatest debates is over whether you should choose carpet or hardwood floors for your Bay Area home. Some prefer the soft comfort of carpet when they get out of bed every morning in their Alamo home while others enjoy the easy to clean hardwood floors. When you are remodeling your Danville home and trying to make the choice for a future seller who is looking to buy a home or simply to redo things for your own preference, take the following into consideration:

Benefits of Hardwood Floors

Longer Life Span

The life span on hardwood floors in your Bay Area home out lives that of carpet because hardwood floors can be refinished over and over before needing to replace them. The downside to carpet is its short life-span of one average 3-5 years. Depending on how the carpet is cared for in your Alamo home you can gain a few more years out of it but the inevitable will happen. A key factor to both of these is that the quality of flooring can dramatically impact lifespan.

Less Allergens and Dust

Hardwoods are a better option for your Bay Area home if you or a family member suffere from severe allergies. Hardwoods collect a lot less dust and allergens which can help give you some relief when allergy season hits.  Families looking to buy a home have been more prone to look at hardwood for said reason.

Adds Value

Hardwood floors add more value to a Danville home than carpet does. If you are thinking about reselling sometime in the near future that is something to take into consideration.  Buying a home is dramatically impacted by the flooring option.

Easier to Clean

Carpet is a much harder surface to clean compared to hardwoods. You can easily wipe up any spills or sweep up any pet hair if half the time in your Alamo home.

Benefits of Carpet


Carpet is definitely the cheaper of the two to purchase and install into your Bay Area home. If you are on a budget then carpet might be the best option for you.

More Variety

There are so many different colors, style, and patterns of carpet. You are limited to only a few styles and options when it comes to hardwood. If you choose a patterned carpet or a textured carpet it can become the statement piece of your Alamo home living room and can bring the character you wish to create while not breaking the bank.


Comfort for Your Feet

Carpet is like a giant slipper for your feet. Carpet provides cushion, comfort, and support for your feet. Many people in the Bay Area prefer carpet because they like how it feels when they come home after a long day of standing on their feet all day. Not only do they provide comfort to your feet after work but they also provide a cushion should you fall. The carpet helps soften the blow if you fall making it less dangerous and less likely you will hurt yourself. If comfort and safety are an important part of your daily routine then carpet is the best fit for you!

Natural insulator

If you live in a climate where the winters are cold then carpet is a great option for you! Carpet provides natural insulation to help keep your home cozy and warm on the cold nights.

Whether you are looking to keep your feet warm or just want a sleek easy to clean look you can’t go wrong with putting carpet or hardwood flooring in your Bay Area home. Carpet needs to be cleaned less often and offers warmth and wood is easy to clean and more durable. The choice comes down to personal preference there isn’t a right or wrong option.