You have decided to add a pet to the family! Before you bring the little guy home to your Danville home you need to make sure your Bay Area home is pet proofed! Just like when you have to baby proof your Danville home, you have to pet proof it to make sure that the new addition doesn’t get into anything they aren’t supposed to and that could be harmful to them. According to the American Humane Society, here is a breakdown of what you should be doing to get your Bay Area home ready for that new puppy or kitten.

Living Room

  • Check the pots that your vacuum can’t fit. Look for any items that could be dangerous for a new puppy or kitten like string.
  • Cover all heating/air vents in your Danville home.
  • Do not leave your sewing and craft items out.
  • Make sure that any plants that are in your Bay Area home are not poisonous to your new pet. If they are you should either get rid of them or move them somewhere that your pet can’t get to them.
  • Put any dangling wires out of reach. This can be wires for your TV, Cable box, or Phone.


  • Keep the trash in your Danville home covered or latched shut. You want to make sure when you are not looking that your curious new pet hasn’t gotten into food or items that could be harmful to them.
  • Keep food off the counter and in put away- just because the food itself might not be harmful the wrapper could be.


  • Keep the toilet seat lid down- you want to make sure that your pet doesn’t fall into it and risk drowning or drink from it and ingest any chemicals.
  • Make sure all medications in your Bay Area home are put away in a cabinet that is not reachable by your new pet.


  • Keep any laundry and shoes behind closed doors. Shoe laces and buttons can be dangerous especially if swallowed.
  • Just like is your Danville home or Bay Area home bathroom, make sure you keep any medications and cosmetics off the counters and put somewhere they cannot get easy access to them.
  • If you are getting a kitten, make sure that they haven’t leapt into your dresser drawer when you weren’t looking. The last thing you want to do is shut them in there. Same goes for your closest as well.
  • Just like in the living room, if you have any TV wires or phone wires in your Bay Area home bedrooms make sure to put them out of reach of your new pet.


This might not be the first place you think to pet proof but you never know when your new family pet has followed you into your Danville home garage. To ensure you have taken the proper protective measures in the garage:

  • Move any chemicals to higher shelves or place them behind secure doors
  • Clean any and all antifreeze from the floor and the driveway- this is extremely lethal to animals!
  • Make sure your sharp objects and tools are stored up and out of reach. Investing in closed storage for all your belongings in the garage not only will make it safer for your pet but will also keep your garage clutter free.
  • If you are getting a cat, and allowing it to roam freely- make sure to tap the hood of your car before getting in it. You want to make sure that the cat is not hiding by the engine for warmth.

These are just some steps to make your Danville home and Bay Area home prepped and ready to bring home your new family pet! Also, pets can impact the value of a home should they damage the property so keep this in mind as a way to protect for those buying a home.  For many our pets are a part of the family so make sure they are protected like it!