Technology is everywhere we look. From our home computers to our smartphones, we are obsessed with technology. Now, our homes are getting the “intelligence” upgrade with smart home technology. The following list of different ways we are seeing this implements:

Smart Speakers

One of the biggest areas homes have gotten smart home technology is through Smart Speakers. Apple, Google, and Amazon all have a device in this market along with several smaller companies. These devices are like the hub of the home with voice activated speakers. They can do everything from announcing the doorbell to playing music, to helping you develop a grocery list.


We used to use peepholes to see who was at the front door but that would require getting up and could lead to individuals realizing that you are home. Several companies have developed smart doorbells with cameras. They allow for knowing about whose knocking without getting off of your couch while also allowing you to see when packages are left at your front door.


Imagine having your lights set to turn on and off at certain times. This has existed through manual timers. Now think about doing this through your phone or speaker. Smart home technology allows you to control all the lights in your home even when you maybe on the other side of the world.


Your phone can now control the home’s temperature too. Companies have brought thermostat’s connected to your wifi which allow you to regulate and program the home’s temperature through your phone, tablet, or speaker.

Security System

Almost every security system now works through your security system. Some of them even have a smart doorbell included. These allow for turning on and off the system remotely so you no longer have to worry about a fob or having someone go back to the house to set it.

The above is just a small sampling of the ways smart home technology is being implemented. If you need help getting smart home technology in your home, Karen Douglas can connect you with the right resource.