Summer is a celebrated time of the year. As much as you enjoy the beach, cold ice cones, fireworks and craft work, you might want to avoid making a mess in the house. It is especially important to have a few tips ready for the summer so you can relish the good times without panicking. Here are some clever summer celebration hacks:

Wipe Off the Sand

It is summer time and almost all the free time is spent at the beach soaking up the sun. However, it can be a great hassle when you return from a sandy walk and the sand is everywhere in the house. To keep your dining room, living room and rest of the house clean, simply sprinkle some baby powder on feet before entering the house. It will dry up the sweat and make it easier to wipe off the sand from the house.

Dust it Off

Another common problem during the summer is that your kids are on a vacation and they tend to get creative during this time. If someone has spilled glitter on the carpet, don’t worry because you can easily get rid of it with help of sticky lint roller. You will notice almost 100% of satisfactory results and your kids can enjoy the craft work.

Get Rid of the Stains

It is not unheard of that summer drinks get spilled on the floor. However, if you want to get rid of the stains you can easily use vinegar, water and steam iron to get rid of them. Apply vinegar and water to the stain, cover it with cloth and iron it for up to 30 seconds. You will have the same spotless carpet in minutes.

Avoid Dripping Cones

Kids definitely love snow cones and ice cream cones during the summer. However, they also drip and can ruin carpet, linen, stair, couches and more. If you want to avoid the excessive chores this summer, use foil to cover the cones as soon as your children get them. The foil will completely prevent ice cream from dripping everywhere.

Protection from Sparks

There is nothing like fireworks on summer nights. With the excitement of Fourth of July in the air, most kids love to spend their evenings with the sparkly sticks. However, since they are always at risk of harming their hands, you can use a plastic cup, cut a hole in it and pass the stick through it. It will protect your child while they are enjoying themselves.

Chocolate Stains

If you have kids in the house, you cannot keep chocolate away. However, chocolate tends to melt during summer and it can leave stains on carpet, sofas and other furniture. To remove it, you can use any spot treatment for the cloth and apply it as soon as you see a stain. The key is to blot and not wipe. This will ensure the spot doesn’t go deeper into the flooring.

In other words, don’t avoid summer celebration to keep the house clean. You can use so many DIY hacks that will instantly clean up any mess and/or consult with your local professional floor cleaning company..