When you are sitting with your Danville real estate agent and discussing putting your home on the market the question will come up about whether you should stage your San Ramon home before putting it on the Bay Area home market. Some people don’t believe that their home needs to be staged in order to sell quickly and that’s fine. Before you decide if you are going to stage or not look over read the list of potential benefits below.


Can Appeal to More People

One benefit to staging your Bay Area home is that it can appeal to a larger selection of potential buyers. Staging presents your San Ramon home in the best light possible and shows buyers what the full potential of the home is. Staging gives your home a “move-in” ready feel which is something San Ramon home buyers are looking for.  Buying a home means more than just the land/building.  Staging makes a big difference in what a Danville home buyer considering in buying a home.

Gives a Positive First Impression

First impressions for a home are no different than first impressions when you meet new people. Staging your Bay Area home will allow you not only to give off a first impression but makes the San Ramon home look well-maintained and clean.

Make Bay Area Home Seem Larger

Having a third party come in and stage your San Ramon home will result in the decluttering of your home which in turn has the result of making your home appear larger. You want to give Bay Area home buyers the feel of a large space that is perfect for them and their families.

Shows the Homes Potential

Not everyone may share the same tastes that you have when it comes to decorating your San Ramon home. Buyers want to walk into a property and envision what it would be like to live there with their own belongings and the potential that it has. Removing the personal touches and having the home staged allows Bay Are home buyers the ability to better imagine themselves buying the home and moving in.

Grabs the Attention of the Buyer’s Agent

Staging isn’t just for the benefit of buyers. It is also a benefit for the buyer’s agent. A staged home will grab the attention of a buyer’s agent faster than a non-staged Bay Area home. Buyers agents are looking at so many homes across the Bay Area that are not staged and it can be hard to see past the personal clutter. The staging will make your San Ramon home a “must-see” property.

Shows the Competition Who’s Boss

Grabbing the attention of Bay Area home Realtors not only makes your San Ramon home stand out from the competition but it can help lead to a multiple offer situation. With the competitive market the Bay Area is in right now having a desirable home can help drive up the purchase value which gives you even more equity in your Bay Area home.

These are just a few of the benefits staging your San Ramon home can have. You have to ask yourself what your goals are with selling your home. How much do you to get out of your home? Are you wanting to sell right away or are you not in a time crunch? What is your local real estate market like? Identifying what fits best in the beginning stages of selling your Bay Area home will make the sale much more successful.