Buying a home that stands apart is what Bay Area home buyers are looking for in this competitive housing market. There are several original features that families or individuals purchasing a Danville home look for when viewing residences. Here are a selection of features that can give your home a competitive boost with home buyers.

A Backyard Oasis

Sometimes it isn’t a home’s structure that is the main selling point. Alamo homes that boast beautiful backyards are wildly popular with home buyers. An outdoor sanctuary and the feeling of being surrounded by a green oasis can be important features which lead to buyer interest. The key is to create an inviting outdoor space that does not invoke fears of excessive maintenance responsibilities. Creating a beautiful space that also has easy upkeep will enhance the interest of people buying Bay Area houses.

The Perfect Playroom

Many parents create an in-home playroom to give their children a specific area where they can let loose. While spaces where crayon-covered walls and upended toy bins may distract buyers, a well-constructed play area can be a huge bonus for families purchasing a San Ramon home. A decked-out playroom speaks to families with small children buying a home. A child-oriented room with strong craftsmanship and artistry can help increase interest in a property as buyers take their interest into consideration.

Unusual Architecture

Home buyers often look for properties that stick out from cookie-cutter floor plans and streets of similarly looking homes. Selling a Danville home with a unique design or an interesting story can be excellent for marketing. These elements can make the house stand out from a multitude of other properties on the market. If you have a distinctively structured home make sure to decorate the interior to match the “feel” of the home. This will help potential home buyers imagine themselves in the space.

Bathroom Bliss

Bay Area home buyers are often blown away by bathrooms that go above and beyond in style. Small bathrooms with pedestal sinks, laminate floors, and regularly sized tubs are the norm and do not necessarily leave a lasting impression on home buyers. Impressive bathroom additions will ensure that your property is set apart from others in the Alamo home market. Walk-in showers, large vanities, tile floor, jacuzzi tubs and walk-in closets are luxurious. Focus on bathroom upgrades so that your house creates a lasting impression on potential buyers and it becomes the home they buy.

Green Features

Going green is an instant way to build interest in your Bay Area property. Buyers increasingly focus on energy efficient features such as programmable thermostats, LED and CFL lighting, low-flow plumbing fixtures, and sustainable materials. Younger home buyers are familiar with eco-friendly home elements and are well-versed at asking specific questions about home much energy each saves. In order to maximize on green features in your home, find a realtor who knows how to verbalize and market the benefits of going green.

Brainstorm with your agent to evaluate unique features in your Danville home for sale. Decide how to best emphasize each portion of the property to make sure that special aspects of home become real standouts.