People want to update the feel of their home but not invest a lot of time and money to do so. Sometimes you also need those updates to happen right away (such as when you will soon be hosting guests) and can’t wait through major renovations. Here are ten easy ways you can quickly update your home:

  1. Paint Your Front Door

If your home is lacking curb appeal, one easy fix is to paint your door. This is quicker and cheaper than new siding and it can create a great impact. When you select a bright, pretty accent color your door will provide a visual pop!

  1. Purchase Outdoor Seating

If your outdoor living space feels a bit lackluster, you may want to revamp it with new decking and landscaping. Want to improve it faster and cheaper? Make your outdoor space more livable by just adding some new seating options. These can look great and be useful to you.

  1. Add New Cabinet Handles

When you’re not loving your bathroom or kitchen cabinetry, you might want to replace drawer pulls and handles. New knobs come in creative, artsy, classic, simple, or ornate designs and can be switched out easily.

  1. Consider new faucets

When your bathroom and kitchen are starting to look dated, you might dream of a whole interior design renovation. For a quicker fix, consider updating the faucet hardware. We don’t readily notice how much the style of a faucet sets the tone of a room with a sink. You may be surprised at the improvement.

  1. Paint Your Bathtub

Older bathtubs are often a reminder of the ways in which design trends change over time. Most people today have no interest in a pink bathtub. You might feel stuck with the eyesore. However, you might be surprised to learn you can purchase special enamels to refresh the look.

  1. Increase Storage Solutions

One of the most frequent complaints among homeowners is that there never seems to be enough storage. You can quickly increase your storage by installing shelves, cubbies, or cabinets. Think of places where you have some empty wall space, such as over the toilet. This can be a quick DIY.

  1. Install New Lighting

Lighting trends come and go. Personal taste also plays a big role in what will appeal to you. If you’re looking to update your home, selecting and installing new lighting fixtures can be a quick solution. Be aware that you may need a bit of help from an electrician.

  1. Whitewash or Paint Your Fireplace

When your living room is looking out of style, your fireplace could be a big part of the problem. Many fireplaces have a dated look. Even certain styles of brick can give a 1980’s vibe. Try whitewashing your fireplace to make it look rustic, neutral, and on-trend. Or you can paint it white, black, or more vibrant color to bring attention to it, just don’t paint within the fire area.

  1. Update Curtains And Blinds

Old curtains and blinds can look dated, faded, dusty, and drab. Quickly enhance the look of any room by installing new, updated curtains and blinds. Some options can even make your home more energy efficient, or block light or noise.

  1. Enhance With Mirrors

When your rooms look small, there are some visual tricks you can use to make the space look larger and grander in scope. One strategy is to hang a mirror. Even small mirrors can make a space look bigger.

These ten tips offer easy ways to update and instantly add to the value of your home.